Rich Crescenti has been playing music since he was 9 years old and making recordings for nearly 20 years. 

Throughout his career as a freelance engineer, Rich has worked in a number world class recording studios as well as made records in mountain cabins, NYC apartments, and everywhere in between. Rich’s ability to produce top quality sound shines through on his records regardless of location or budget. Confident and skilled in both analog and digital recording, Rich helps bands of all styles make records reflective of their unique perspective.

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Recording Samples

"Show You The Way" by The Bushwick Hotel. Recorded at Firefly Studios in Fischer, TX.

"Back of My Head" by Autumn Walker. Recorded at Firefly Studios in Fischer, TX. 2016

"LVLR" by Raccoon Fighter. Recorded at Strangeweather.
Papercup Music-2016. 

"The Thick Black Line That Separates Right From Wrong" by Mitchell Leonard

"The Fight" by Colorform. Recorded at Seaside Lounge. 2015